Meet The Ceo


Hi, My Name is Kalah Edwards, and I have been a Certified child care provider for a year now, but my love and passion for kids has been forever, since I was a kid I always wanted a little brother or sister. That never happened so when I had my first niece and nephew I treated them like my own, I call them my babies. I would do whatever for them, but growing up and realizing all my friends and family had kids. Thinking in my head I love when kids are around, I feel excitement and joy, Hey why not work with kids? why not go toward where my passion is pushing me? Eventually I want to have 5 kids of my own but until that happens I decided to fulfill my passion and help out my community by creating Just Kids at Lahlah Land, Right now my in home daycare may be small but its big in my heart so eventually Lahlah land (in home daycare) will become (Lahlah Land's DAYCARE CENTER) with the help of you guys and supporting my business while its growing.



Just Kids in home childcare is accepting applications for full-time and part time childcare. Take comfort in knowing your child is being provided with the best possible care in a stimulating, fun, safe environment. Our day is filled with laughter, learning and fun! I offer a structured, yet flexible, lesson plan geared to your child's age and potential. Here, every moment is a magical learning opportunity for your child. Activities include music, dance, art/crafts, fine motor activities, gross motor activities as well as indoor/outdoor activities. I provide nutritional breakfast, lunch and two snacks.

I have over 5 years of experience/teaching with all ages. I have a background check on and can provide many great references. I look forward to helping you with your childcare needs. Please let me know what questions you may have an how I can help. I currently have two openings.